Testimonials from students and designers:

“The tour conducted by Valerie and her team exceeded all expectations. From the moment I heard of what Valerie and PPS did, I couldn’t wait to begin the journey of finally putting my future business ideas into action. This was the direction and inspiration I needed. The tour showed all aspects of business that I was interested in from production and fabric sourcing in China all the way to trade shows and fashion/business seminars in Hong Kong. The tour group consisted of passionate and friendly staff who were highly knowledgeable in the field and were genuinely interested in each of our individual goals and interests. If you are thinking about starting a fashion business or want to expand your business further I can’t recommend Pro Production Solutions enough. I look forward to attending another tour with them in the near future!” - Dominique Pinto, Orana College


“What a fantastic week I had. Having a first hand informative trip to China that exceeded expectations. With different manufacturing experiences and knowledgable hosts of the culture, fashion industry and region it made for a brilliant trip. Antony and Valerie were lovely, knowledgable and patient and I highly recommend this tour to those wanting to broaden their knowledge of the fashion and manufacturing industry. I can not wait to make the pilgrimage over there again” - Elise, Duke & Pilot


“The trip to China was very wonderful and knowledgeable for everyone who is interest in the fashion industry and business. In China you will get an overall look of what it looks like from raw material into finished clothing which will help you understand the process and life-cycle of the product. Plus travelling with Pro Production Solution team was fun and they really know what they are talking about. Overall it was fantastic and recommended study tour trip for any fashion addict!”- Rachmawati

“China was a fantastic experience, and very inspiring and educational for me as a new business owner. The trip gave me an invaluable insight into what it takes to manufacture a product, from sourcing, to printing, to manufacture. I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and hospitable the local Chinese people were to us, our translators were great fun to hang out with, and helped get us great prices on products. I came home with bags of wholesale stuff to sell and give away to friends, hundreds of fabric swatches to use in my future production runs and amazing memories that will last a lifetime! The knowledge and connections I gained from this trip have given me the confidence to move forward with my business, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone seeking or building a career in fashion. Thanks to Valerie and the crew from Pro Productions for an amazing journey” – Melissa, Mother of Millions

“The China trip planed by Valerie and Antony is well organized, educational and full of excitement. Valerie was extremely helpful and was very open with helping us find exactly what we needed. I will definitely be going on this trip again and even stay longer!”- Rosie & Michelle, Karl von Busse Institute of Design


“The PPS China tour was such an amazing and knowledgable experience. It was inspiring and such an eye opener in terms of what we are missing out on in Australia, as the choice and variety when it came to fabric was endless! Its like your fabric dreams come to life! For me visiting factories was also a highlight as I was able to understand and appreciate the process a lot better and also see the wide range of options available when it comes to manufacturing. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone studying as it s a huge learning experience when it comes to the industry but also because I had the best time, the best company and THE BEST hosts!” - Samantha Aravopoulos, Karl von Busse Institute of Design

“The china trip arranged by Sourcing Mates was exciting, fun and educational. I had a wonderful insight into how off-shore production works in china and the scale of possibilities. My sincere thanks to Valerie, Ellie and Lisa who made any requests seem effortless. We have not stopped talking about our trip since we returned and can’t wait to return.” - Virginia Majewski, Head of Fashion at Karl von Busse Institute of Design


“I had so much fun in China especially when we went to Guangzhou Fabric market, it’s massive!! It’s just so cool that we can bring home books of fabric swatches. This trip has opened up my mind because everything that i want can be found there, I never even thought that you could digital print on a button, that’s amazing! I really enjoyed when we saw the fabric printing process, I was so excited. When we went to the factory I never thought it would be that small, but the products were so good! I learned the quality of stitching, which one is high/ medium/ low quality. I had so much fun in my free time too, having dinner in different places and shopping! I just think maybe you should make the trip longer. This trip has just blown my mind!” – Syifa, Billy Blue College of Design